Chance to Win $2000 in Furniture

To celebrate the New Year eve Houston Mattress giving away a very special prize to a lucky Houston Mattress visitor. Visit our mattress store to be registered into a prize draw to win $2000 in Furniture. Even if you don’t purchase anything during your visit. Choice of Living Room, Bedroom sets, Dining Room, or Mattress…

What makes a mattress a “good mattress”?

What makes a mattress a “good mattress”? While browsing through the internet I got a question that every buyer has in its mind before making an investment in Mattress set or bedding. I want my readers or mattress experts to answer that so that your ideas can help the mattress buyers out.    

Is Mattress Tag Illegal To Remove?

Originally posted on CBS Philly:
By Amy E. Feldman PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Why does the tag on the mattress say “do not remove under penalty of law”. The answer to the bad comedian’s line “Why is there a tag on the mattress and who’s going to arrest me if it’s removed” is more icky than…