HoustonMattressKing delivers FREE to Austin!

GREAT NEWS for our AUSTIN CUSTOMERS!  We are giving FREE SHIPPING on ALL memory foam models from Mlily and Superpedic Brands.  This usually would take 3-5 business days through FEDEX.

For other mattresses brands please call us for details.


FIRST OPTION-  after selecting the products you agreed to purchase from us over the phone, you can choose to pay through PAYPAL.  Go back to Homepage and click on the PAYPAL button.

Paypal will send us an email letting us know that you sent the payment and we will process shipment or arrange your local delivery for products you purchased.

If you  don’t have a PayPal account,  Setting up is easy by going to: https://www.paypal.com/signup/account

Or click here

SECOND OPTION-  some customers don’t feel signing up for Paypal and we do understand.  We can send you an electronic invoice where you will type in your credit/debit card information for payment.

If you choose to go this way kindly email us at Houstonmattressking@gmail.com the following information:

  1. Email address
  2. Complete Name of Purchaser
  3. Address
  4. Contact Phone Number
  5. Item/s  you want to purchase

Houston Mattress King makes payment EASY AND SECURE for our customers!


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