Free Box Springs on Simmons Treetop

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worldclasstighttopbox3Barbara called to ask if we could help her with a cross reference of the Simmons Tree Top mattress.  She tried this mattress, a luxury firm pillow top, at her local retail store but was surprised that it cost so much.  Even with financing it was a large investment as the dealer was asking almost $2,500 for a queen size mattress set, plus tax.

This Tree Top mattress is a fantastic choice. One of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses made in any price range.  It gets really good reviews across the board.  It also goes by several names with Tree top being one of many.  Simmons assigned Bedding Hotline the name “Trident” and we have it with for far less than any other dealer.  Our price is almost a thousand dollars less during our “Fall into Savings Event.”
During the month of October we are delivering this mattress with free…

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